Exquisite Garden Dish

Highest Quality Succulent Plants Grown and Cultivated with Care and Nurturing - From Our Family to Yours

This beautifully impressive, succulent garden comes in a large, decorative hand made wooden planter and is sure to brighten any spot in the home or office where it is placed. It provides a flourish of color with its many colored succulent plants and other natural elements and is long-lasting and hearty, guaranteed to deliver color and beauty for a long time. Succulent plants are by far the easiest types of plants to care for it is no wonder with their many varieties and textures, they offer freshness, greenery and life to any room in which they are added.

Features & Benefits

  • Artfully crafted and uniquely designed, this attractive planter contains several robust succulent plants and other natural elements and is sure to add style and flair to any room in the home or office.

  • Contains various succulent plants, moss, bark and stones in a large, uniquely designed wooden planter.

  • Easy to care for and maintain.

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