Cyma Orchids understands that caring and nurturing each and every plant is critical for the successful growth of quality orchids. We prove, on a daily basis, that man over machinery is the key to achieving top quality orchids that bloom time after time. Our farm, located in beautiful, sunny Oxnard, California is the ideal location for cultivating these highly prized and sought-after flowers. Our expert growers pride themselves on dedication, commitment, individualized, and custom care and cultivation of each and every plant in our greenhouse to ensure that our plants arrive at their distribution locations in excellent condition and radiate the beauty, elegance and luxury that our clients? customers have come to expect, appreciate and love.

If you are a store or merchandiser and are considering offering amazing, luxurious, elegant orchids to your customers, please contact us at 800-392-9754 or so we can assist you with products, pricing and delivery schedules.

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