4" Glass Globe Pedestal Air Plant Terrarium

  • Highest Quality AirPlants Grown and Cultivated with Care and Nurturing - From Our Family to Yours

This modern, unique home d├ęcor piece blends originality,flair and style and will surely be admired no matter where it's placed. The modern,original and unique design of this glass globe terrarium with an air plant perfectly combines a low maintenance plant with aesthetic elegance. Provides a flash of nature in a fashionable, uniquely designed glass globe terrarium and is the perfect accessory for any room in the home or office. Getting their nutrients and water from the air around them, air plants are very low maintenance--just spritz them with water once a week to every 10 days.

Features & Benefits

  • The perfect way to add a natural touch to any room in the home or office--sits elegantly on an end table, night stand, desk or other table top.

  • Decorative, living plant sure to provide long lasting pleasure, enjoyment and delight.

  • Contains attractive air plant and other natural elements.

  • Plants are low-maintenance and easy-to-care-for--just spritz with water once a week to every 10 days.

Available for purchase online at Home Depot.

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