Orchid Care - Cymbidium

Cymbidium Orchids

Blooming - These plants bloom in the winter and early spring months.

Watering - During their growth period during the late spring, summer, and fall, a constant supply of water should be supplied to these orchids. When they are flowering during the winter and early spring, they should be kept barely moist.

Lighting - Cymbidiums need a lot of direct morning or afternoon sunlight but should avoid the midday sun. If possible, during the summer, move these plants outside to ensure that they get enough sunlight.

Temperature - These orchids do best in temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees F, but can take cooler and warmer climates.

Fertilizer - Fertilize heavily during the summer growing season with a balanced fertilizer at a quarter strength. At the end of the growing season, reduce fertilizing to about half to promote a better bloom.

Repotting - Semi-terrestrial plants, Cymbidiums grown naturally in humus that is loamy, extending their roots deep into the enriched soil and are well-suited for most home potting mixes that are lose, organic and rich. Also recommended is peat moss, bark, perlite and other combination of organic material that is loose and rich. You can easily divide Cymbidiums during their prime repotting season in the spring.

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