Vintage Blooms - Artificial Blue Orchid

Highest Quality Vintage Bloom Artificial Orchids are Artfully Crafted and Designed with Care and Nurturing – From Our Family to Yours

Standing 28 inches high,this majestic member of the orchid family is sure to make a remarkable impression. A combination of vividly hued petals balanced by four delicate buds adds an understated yet elegant touch. Perfect for a dining room table centerpiece, this luxurious Blue Phalaenopsis arrangement is decorated by plush green leaves. A natural bark and moss base adds the perfect finishing touch to this chic, colorful floral masterpiece.

This faux centerpiece is unique in that it is made from Real Touch polyurethane, which looks and feels extremely realistic.  They retain their blooms forever, maintaining their beauty, color and texture, are crush-proof, and water proof and fade-resistant. Additionally, they are artfully presented on a 100% natural, hand-made, grapewood base complete with natural moss and greenery, which create an elegant, unique and maintenance-free home décor piece that will last forever without fading or dying.

Features & Benefits

  • Authentic looking, naturalistic faux plant is elegant and majestic—works perfectly as a center piece for a dining room table or on a coffee table in home or office.

  • Two stems of realistic, natural-looking, vibrantly colored blue blooms offset by three smaller buds on a base of natural bark and moss.

  • Adds elegance and flair to any room in the home or office.

  • No maintenance required—easy to care for and maintain. Just place and enjoy!

  • Available for purchase online at Home Depot.

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