Highest Quality Orchids Grown and Cultivated with Care and Nurturing – From Our Family to Yours

With tens of thousands of dedicated customers, our brand awareness is growing and more people are looking for Cyma Orchids in grocery, home improvement, and big box stores.

Why are top retailers adding Cyma Orchids to their inventories?

With tens of thousands satisfied customers, our brand awareness is growing and Cyma Orchids’ plants are quickly becoming synonymous with the type of high quality, affordable, easy to care for orchids for which more people are looking to purchase from grocery, home improvement and big box stores.

  • Each year we put together a report that helps us to better understand what is important to our customers.
  • Cyma Orchids’ plants are affordable for a wide range of budgets.
  • Cyma Orchids’ plants are easy to care for, which ranks as the most important factor for purchasing one of our orchids.
  • Most of Cyma Orchids’ consumers are repeat customers who have purchased multiple orchids from us.

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